Apartment buildings have become quite prevalent in Accra’s real estate landscape, especially in prime areas like Cantonments, East Legon, Airport Residential, Dzorwulu, and North Ridge. With Accra being Ghana’s largest city and also the most populated, searching for apartments to rent can be a bit daunting since the city is quite big, with several neighbourhoods each with its own unique personality.

There are different types of apartments for rent in Accra, Ghana and finding the perfect fit that aligns with your lifestyle and also suits your budget requires work, even if you engage the services of a realtor. However, with a search tool like the one we have on housesforsaleinaccraghana, the process becomes stress-free and less time-consuming.

Additionally, there are thousands of apartments listed on our website by property owners and trusted realtors so you can find a suitable apartment to rent in Accra from any location, even if you haven’t arrived in Accra yet.

So, what type of apartment are you looking for? Will you find that to rent in Accra? Well, to make your search a little bit narrower, let’s see the different types of apartments that are available in the Accra real estate market to choose from.


The different types of Apartments for rent in Accra 

The capital city offers a variety of apartments for rent to cater to different preferences, needs, and lifestyles. Here are the most common types of apartments for rent in Accra.


Penthouse Apartments 

Penthouse apartments are the pinnacle of the apartment hierarchy. They are luxurious and often situated on the top floors of high-rise buildings in the centre of Accra, offering stunning views of the city. They usually come with premium amenities like your own private elevator and spacious layouts. Those who usually rent penthouses rent for short stays since they can be quite expensive to rent for, say, an entire year or two.


Studio Apartments

If you love open-concept spaces, then a studio apartment will suit your preferences. Studio apartments are open-plan units or apartments that combine the living, sleeping, and kitchen areas into a single space. Since this open-plan concept is relatively new to the Ghanaian real estate market and is not as popular with our traditional building styles, it is mostly found in upscale neighbourhoods that are well-liked by tourists and expats, like East Legon and Airport Residential Area. Studios are mostly suitable for individuals or couples looking for a more compact living arrangement.


Single-Room Self-Contained Apartments

A single-room self-contained apartment is also a compact apartment that typically consists of a single room that serves as the living and sleeping area. They come with a separate kitchen and bathroom. This type of apartment is a perfect fit for any individual who doesn’t have a huge budget for renting an apartment in Accra. They usually cost GHC 500 a month or sometimes more, depending on the neighbourhood and how plush or spacious the room is.


One to Three-Bedroom Apartments

One to three-bedroom apartments are the most common types of apartments on the market. The one-bedroom apartment, commonly referred to as “camber and hall,” has a separate bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom. They can be suitable for individuals or couples who are just starting to build a family.

The two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments have two and three separate bedrooms, respectively. Each of these apartments comes with a living room, a kitchen, and two or more bathrooms. Since they offer larger living spaces and are also moderately priced depending on the location, they are best suited for larger families or individuals looking for more space.  


Furnished Apartments

Furnished apartments come with all the necessary furniture and appliances, making them convenient for those who prefer a ready-to-move-in option. This is particularly useful for expats or short-term renters. Any of the types of apartments described above can be rented as a furnished apartment.  


Best Neighbourhoods to Find Apartments for Rent in Accra

Accra has several neighbourhoods, each with its own unique characteristics and appeal, but the best neighbourhood for renting an apartment will depend on your individual preferences, lifestyle, and priorities. Here are some of the popular and well-regarded neighbourhoods in Accra where you can find apartments for rent.



East Legon

East Legon is a well-developed residential and commercial area with a mix of modern amenities, restaurants, and shopping centres, like Accra Mall and A&C Mall. It is a neighbourhood popular among expats and affluent locals alike. The neighbourhood offers a range of amenities, including some of the best international schools in the country, upscale dining options like the Honeyskucle, and proximity to the airport and the central business districts. East Legon is one of the neighbourhoods for plush and expensive apartments for rent in Accra, Ghana.



Cantonments is known for its upscale and serene environment. It houses diplomatic missions, high-end residences, exclusive gated communities, and several embassies, including the US embassy. The neighbourhood is home to quality schools like The Morning Star and Ghana International School. Cantonments is one of the neighbourhoods to rent luxurious apartments like penthouses and furnished apartments that come with services like concierge service or housekeeping. Generally, Cantonments provide a quieter living environment compared to some other areas.



Labone is a mixed-use neighbourhood with a blend of residential and commercial spaces. It has a vibrant atmosphere and is close to Osu, another popular area in Accra. Labone offers a variety of amenities, including fitness centres, hospitals, and recreational facilities like parks. Labone is known for its lively local and expat community. It also offers lower rent prices compared to places like Cantonments or the Airport Residential Area.



Osu is a bustling and vibrant area with a mix of residential and commercial spaces. It is known for its lively nightlife, shopping streets, particularly Oxford Street, and attractions like murals by local artists. Osu provides a range of amenities, including markets, restaurants, and entertainment options. If you love nightlife or an active social life, then Osu is one of the neighbourhoods that don’t sleep and will appeal to you.


Airport Residential Area

This upscale neighbourhood is a few minutes drive from Kotoka International Airport and offers a mix of residential and commercial spaces. Big companies like Vodafone Ghana have their headquarters in the Airport Residential Area. The area boasts high-end amenities, including international schools and some of Ghana’s finest hotels. It is also a neighbourhood known for its luxurious houses and apartments. Since this area is the closest to the airport, it’s popular among tourists, expats, and businessmen, and this makes rent costs higher than in areas like North Ridge.



Adjiringanor is a residential area that has seen significant development over the past few years. This neighbourhood shares a border with the famous East Legon and it’s also home to the affluent in society. It’s popular for its modern housing options and also offers accessibility to big shopping centres, schools, universities, and hospitals. Apartments here are moderately priced. You can see for yourself with the listings on our website.



Dzorwulu is a central location with a mix of commercial and residential properties. Some of the most beautiful office buildings in Accra can be found in Dzorwulu and due to the location of the neighbourhood, it provides relatively easy access to various parts of the city, including the Kotoka International Airport, Accra Mall, hospitals, and other areas like Lapaz. 
Dzorwulu, although a central location, has plush apartments that are priced less than areas like Cantonments or even East Legon.


Payment Terms and Duration for Renting Apartments in Accra

Generally, most Ghanaian landlords prefer renting out their properties to tenants for 1–2 years. That means you would have to pay either a year or two’s rent in advance, after which your rent is likely to go up. This has been the norm in Ghana for such a long time, especially for landlords in Accra.

But lately, landlords in upscale neighbourhoods who invest in real estate on a larger scale have been somehow a little lenient in letting their tenants pay 3–6 months' rent in advance. Unfortunately, when landlords do this, they tend to increase the normal rent price. For instance, if an apartment is typically priced at GHC 1000 per month for a year, the rent is increased to about GHC 1200 per month when renting and paying on a 3–6 month basis.

Some landlords also accept payments monthly but this isn’t very common, even in upscale neighbourhoods like East Legon. Except for short-stay apartments and landlords who use their properties for Airbnb. With that, you can rent and pay on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 


Ready to rent an apartment in Accra?

So, whichever type of apartment you are looking to rent can be found in Accra. Developers like Devtraco Plus and Clifton Homes or some individual developers, go the extra mile to ensure your comfort by adding social amenities like swimming pools and fitness centres to their developments.

Whether you are looking for a furnished apartment or an unfurnished one, no matter how exclusive it is, housesforsalseinaccraghana.com can help you find it. Use our search tool to find your next apartment today!