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Exploring Adom City Estate Tema Community 25: A Haven of Serenity and Modern Living


adom city estate tema community 25, one of the most popular real estate companies in Ghana, has made tremendous impact in terms of the country’s housing sector. Adom City Estate has become the brand name for innovative and affordable housing solutions and best living conditions in the country. Positioned at strategic points throughout the country, their projects combine the essence of modernity with comfort and convenience to cater to the homebuyers' diverse needs.

One of the flagship projects of Adom City Estate is the Tema Community 25. This project, located in the central part of Tema, has soon become a desired residential area for the reasons of its strategic location and a comprehensive planning. Tema Community 25 is not just a housing project but the manifestation of Adom City Estate’s mission of developing sustainable, comfortable, and affordable living spaces.


Exploring Tema Community 25

Community 25 Tema, is strategically situated close to major highways such as the Tema-Aflao Road, thus, making it possible to get to the centre of Tema and the entire Greater Accra region easily.

The neighbourhood is endowed with landmarks including the Community 25 Mall that combines retail and entertainment activities for residents’ convenience. Its close proximity to vital facilities like Sakumono Estate Hospital and Tema Central Hospital makes it easy for healthcare needs to be met.

The avenues in Tema Community 25 such as Halcrow Avenue and the busy Dawhenya Road are a blend of residential structures and commercial outlets. The place is in fact the best illustration of a well-organized city space that meets the needs of its residents. In the community are great places where one can go for recreation such as the Community 25 Recreational Park which provide people with areas where they can relax and interact other people.

The motivation behind developing Tema Community 25 was to enable a neighborhood that is welcoming irrespective of whether it is convenience or comfort. It is seen in the careful design of the streets, the ingenious arrangement of public conveniences, and the structured pattern of the neighborhood. The renovation testifies to Adom City Estate’s vision, which extends beyond construction of homes to building communities that offer more than a place to live but a lifestyle that is of high quality. 

Adom City Estate in Tema Community 25, however, successfully blends modern architecture along with what is required by urban setting. The area has good connectivity to parts of Tema and Accra that matter and also displays internal integration, hence it is a beguiling example of modern urban planning in Ghana.



Housing Units in Tema Community 25


In Adom City Estate’s Tema Community 25 project, the 2-bedroom detached bungalows are architecture concepts demonstrating careful planning and a thorough knowledge of current living needs. They are not just units; they are houses that are built with special features to provide a cozy and inviting place for small families or single ones.


Space Utilization


The design of the 2-bedroom bungalows in Tema Community 25 presents a splendid example of space efficiency. Each home is designed to ensure that no space is wasted, while still having the necessary comfort and functionality.

The interior usually has two cozy bedrooms complete with en-suite bathrooms; as a result, this adds privacy and convenience.

The living room and the dining room are intended to be the areas where family and visitors will sit, talk, and dine.

The presence of a modern kitchen shows an example of combining aesthetics and practicality.


Modern Amenities


Reflecting the contemporary lifestyle preferences, these bungalows are equipped with a range of modern amenities. Kitchens in these homes are fitted with contemporary fixtures, potentially including state-of-the-art appliances, sleek countertops, and stylish cabinetry.

The bathrooms are designed to be both functional and stylish, often featuring modern fittings, elegant tiling, and efficient sanitary ware.

Flooring across these homes is chosen not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its durability and ease of maintenance, ensuring that the homes remain elegant and functional over time.



Outdoor Space


Recognizing the importance of outdoor living, each bungalow in Tema Community 25 comes with its own private compound. This outdoor space is not just an extension of the home but a versatile area that can be utilized for various activities.

It provides a safe and private play area for children, a tranquil spot for relaxation, or an ideal setting for small family gatherings and outdoor dining. The landscaping of these compounds is often thoughtfully done to enhance the overall appeal of the property and to provide a touch of nature.


Architectural Style and Design Philosophy


The architectural style of these housing units blends contemporary designs with functional architecture. The focus is on creating aesthetically pleasing yet practical living spaces. The design philosophy revolves around the concept of 'affordable luxury', ensuring that residents enjoy a high standard of living without an exorbitant price tag.



Affordability and Pricing


The average price for a 2-bedroom detached bungalow in adom city estate tema community 25 is around GH₵500,000. This price point is indicative of the balance Adom City Estate aims to strike between quality and affordability. It's important to note that prices can vary based on specific features, finishes, and the exact location within the community.


Affordability Aspect


These units are positioned in the market to cater to the middle-income bracket. The pricing is set to be accessible for individuals and families looking for quality housing without the financial strain typically associated with new, modern homes.

The availability of mortgage options and flexible payment plans further enhances the affordability of these homes, making them an attractive option for potential homeowners who might otherwise find it challenging to enter the real estate market.



Community and Lifestyle


Living in Tema Community 25, developed by Adom City Estate, offers an enriched lifestyle marked by a harmonious balance of comfort, convenience, and community spirit. This well-planned residential area is more than just a collection of houses; it's a thriving community that enhances the daily lives of its residents.


Living Experience


Residents of Tema Community 25 enjoy a peaceful and quiet environment, ideal for families and those who prefer a life away from the urban frenzy. The area is known for its tranquil ambience, providing a sanctuary for residents to unwind and relax.

The thoughtful design of Tema Community 25 is evident in its wide streets and generous green spaces. This layout not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the area but also contributes to a sense of openness and freedom. The community's design promotes ease of movement, reducing congestion and fostering a spacious environment that residents can enjoy.


Community Amenities and Social Life


The availability of parks and recreational areas within Tema Community 25 ensures that residents have plenty of opportunities for leisure and relaxation. These spaces serve as communal hubs where people can engage in various activities, stay active, and enjoy the outdoors.


Affordability Aspect


These units are made available in the market to serve the middle-income earners. The cost is affordable for individuals and families who seek quality housing without the usual financial burden typically associated with new, modern homes. The provision of mortgage options and flexible payment plans makes these homes affordable to homeowners who might lack the resources to enter the real estate market otherwise.


Safety and Security


In addition to the security gate, the Adom City Tema Community 25 estate also offers an extra layer of security which gives the residents the
much-needed peace of mind. Controlled entry points are designed to keep the community safe and private.

There are regular security patrols and well-lit streets in the neighborhood, which further improves the safety. These measures will make residents feel safe at any time, whether they are at home or in the communal areas.


Investment Potential


Tema Community 25 is a place where people don’t only live, but there is also a strong investment potential.

As Tema carries on its growth and development, the demand for the
high-quality housing is bound to intensify, which makes the investments in this area even more interesting.

The area's high appeal from families and professionals means that rental properties will most probably yield consistent income.


Property Value Appreciation

Due to its strategic location as well as existing and prospective developments within and around Tema, property values in this estate have a good chance to rise in value during the future years.

The quality of homes and the overall planning of the community that reflect value that will benefit the investors in the long term by providing them a solid ground for their property portfolio development.




The Adom City Estate in Tema Community 25 is built on innovation in residential development. Besides its unique aesthetic appeal, this community portrays the current trends of modern lifestyle. Combined the serenity and accessibility makes it is a perfect place for many demographics such as families, young professionals, and retirees.

The careful thinking, the attention to detail, and the devotion to quality and affordability make this estate a shining example of modern housing projects of this kind.

The influence of Adom City Estate in Tema Community 25 is not limited to its boundaries but spread to the wider housing sector in Ghana. It provides a solution to the country’s housing deficit. It offers a model for creating
high-quality and affordable housing. This initiative is a signpost in the real estate industry that shows that it is possible to offer low-cost housing without sacrificing the quality and lifestyle.

The Tema Community 25 estate success could have broader implications for future developments, shaping the course of real estate projects in Ghana. It is a sign of Adom City Estate’s vision and commitment to enriching the housing landscape, leaving a trail for other innovative and sustainable development in the housing sector.

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