Paradise Estates East Legon Hills

Paradise Estates East Legon Hills: In the heart of Accra, East Legon Hills is rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after places, this area is popularly known for its mix of modernity and serenity. Just a stone's throw away from the busy Spintex Road and near the Accra - Tema...

The Top 5 Fully Furnished Apartments for Rent in Accra Metropolitan

Furnished apartments for rent in Accra usually offers ease and comfort. Houses for Sale in Ghana will shares a list of the top five fully furnished apartments for rent in Accra Metropolitan with details on prices, amenities, locations, and more to help you find the perfect rental.

Buy a House in Accra: A Comprehensive Guide to Homeownership

Whether you’re a Ghanaian resident, a foreigner relocating to Ghana, or a Ghanaian in the diaspora, buying a house in Accra is an important decision that you shouldn’t make in haste. There are so many properties on the market and taking the time to consider your options will be key...

Buy A House in Ghana and Pay Monthly: Exploring Monthly Payment Options

The concept of buying a house and paying for it in monthly instalments is often referred to as "rent-to-own". The concept can be an attractive option for potential homebuyers who may not have the immediate financial capacity to make a full cash purchase since paying the full amount outright can...

5 Steps for Finding The Best Apartments For Sale in Accra in 2024

5 Steps for Finding The Best Apartments For Sale in Accra in 2024