The Splendor of Living in Paradise Estate, East Legon Hills


In the heart of Accra, East Legon Hills is rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after places, this area is popularly known for its mix of modernity and serenity. Just a stone's throw away from the busy Spintex Road and near the Accra - Tema Motorway, this suburb offers a respite to the urban scene. One of the flagship developments in this area is the Paradise Estate by Swami India Ghana Limited, which has emerged as a symbol of luxury.

The estate, situated next to the police land, is a quiet, tranquil and secure location. Whether it is A&C Shopping Mall, famous for the variety of shops and restaurants it offers or Lister Hospital, celebrated for its fantastic treatment services, the estate is encircled by many prominent landmarks.

The Boundary Road which is situated near the Lagos Avenue has also simplified the access to the central East Legon area ensuring this estate is both a connected and serene place to live.



Overview of Paradise Estate East Legon Hills

Paradise Estate lies strategically in a wide portion of East Legon Hills adjoining the peaceful strips of the Oyibi Road. It is not merely a place to live, but a lively neighborhood, designed for comfort and functionality. The estate features a diverse range of housing options: the stylish 4 Bedroom homes (Type A) on Oak Street, the nice 3 Bedroom houses (Type B) in Palm Avenue, and the uniquely designed 3 Bedroom houses (Type D) on Cedar Lane. Each type is meant to provide residents with a special balance of space, style and comfort.

Architecturally, every building at the Paradise Estate is a unique amalgamation of contemporary design and the rich Ghanaian culture and art. The contemporary exterior of every house boldly illustrates the blending of modern design and Ghanaian traditions.

The property has an added advantage of neighboring the calming Legon Botanical Gardens and the vibrant East Legon Community Centre to give its residents a choice for recreation and adventure. The true beauty of this estate is its roads, which are flanked by indigenous trees and beautifully landscaped gardens, this creates a serene and panoramic setting. That is what makes paradise estate a gem of East Legon Hills.


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Exclusive Amenities at Paradise Estate East Legon Hills

Whether you call it classy or not, it is what is called life at Paradise Estate. It is a residence, a home, a setting for your life. The estate offers a great variety of deluxe amenities which fulfill the different tastes and preferences of its residents to the full extent making it a unique refugee place with ultimate comfort and joy. The estate is hugely renowned for putting at its residents' disposal a great deal of top-notch facilities that are a hit with anyone no matter what their interest is, and that is why it is a perfect location for tranquility and happiness.

Swimming Pool
Jogging Track
Tennis/Basketball Courts
Children's Play Area
Community Park
Artificial Lake and Fish Pond



The Luxury Homes at Paradise estate east Legon Hills


In Paradise Estate, the 3 and 4 Bedroom Luxury Homes are the paragon of elegance and comfort. These properties are developed with a keen eye for detail as well as a deep insight into the sense of modern luxury. The
3-Bedroom homes are ideal for families and professionals and offer a balanced combination of space, style, and functionality. The 4-Bedroom houses are a caricature of wealth with large living spaces, super master bedrooms and top of the line kitchens.

Each house in the Paradise Estate is an exquisite edifice of grand aesthetics. Whether it is the high ceilings which create a sense of spaciousness or the large windows which encourage natural light, each detail is thoughtfully designed to elevate the living experience. The superiority of construction can be sensed throughout, with high grade materials and finishes being used all around.

Being residents of these homes is not only a luxury, but it is about embracing a lifestyle that symbolizes perfection and imperiousness. For everyone, every home is a place of refuge, representing the possibility of living in an oasis of luxury and coziness at the same time.


The Surrounding Area of East Legon Hills


East Legon Hills, situated in the Greater Accra region, stands as the best merger of professional urban convenience and stunning beauty of nature. This upscale suburb boasts a strategic positioning: it is located on the ring road leading to the Accra city center as well as the major business districts. All parts of the city are well-linked, hence the transportation is not a problem.

The East Legon Hills locale is beset with several amenities to meet all your needs. From moderate A&C Mall for a shopaholic person to the sophisticated Accra Mall including luxurious international brands and a cinema, one has almost endless choice.

East Legon Hills as a neighborhood is filled with a plethora of amenities, designed to comfortably satisfy the needs of its residents. The area is one of the top educational hubs in the Greater Accra Region as it boasts of top-rated schools like British International School and Galaxy International school which provide a premium education to the younger ones. Healthcare too is not left out, as there are top-notch facilities such as the Lister Hospital and the East Legon Hospital which can be easily accessed and they provide excellent medical services.

East Legon Hills is a perfect mix of urban vitality and all natural peacefulness. The area is characterized by flourishing greenery, especially the Legon Botanical Gardens which present a magnificent view and tranquility for one to indulge in, relax as well as recreate. The combination of urban life and the relaxation brought by nature establishes East Legon Hills as more than just a residential area but a holistic living where green, convenience, and lifestyle are in the perfect blend.


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Community and Lifestyle


The essence of the Paradise Estate is its tight-knit community. This gated community expands the notion of just living in the same place; it is a celebration of the rich narrative of lives which inhabit it. The estate is a pan-cultural hub, filled with residents from various cultural backgrounds and this is what makes it a unique community.

Being a resident of Paradise Estate exceeds the conventional way of life; it is a lifestyle choice. The purpose of the community is to make people get together more, with areas like Lake View Park and other facilities that encourage interaction. Social events at the community clubhouse, or friendly matches at the tennis courts on Cedar Lane, are commonplace, providing ample opportunities for residents to engage socially and build lasting connections.

The lifestyle in Paradise Estate is multifaceted and fulfilling. It provides families with a safe, secure but at the same time nurturing environment that one can find in the Children's Park located on Oak Street. Professional people can find an active and lively ambiance here while the retirees may prefer a more peaceful and quiet atmosphere. The estate strikes a perfect balance between the privacy enjoyed in individual homes and the warmth of the neighborhood experience, such that every resident feels as an inalienable part of the elite community.


Investment Opportunity

The East Legon Hills,especially the Paradise Estate area, is now a hot property area in Accra. The estate’s strategic location as well as its luxurious offerings is what make it the perfect spot for investment in real estate. The real estate here has shown persistently high growth and the ongoing developments in the neighborhood of East Legon Hills makes the market a promising market for property value appreciation.

Much more than simply buying a home, Paradise Estate is a lifestyle investment and promises a community that is on the cusp of development. For investors, the estate is a very good investment opportunity, with the potential of making considerable profits through the ever rising demand for luxury homes in Accra.

The advice for potential homeowners and investors is clear: do not hesitate to make Paradise Estate your first choice. Its luxury offerings coupled with a good community along with the appreciation potential make it a great investment opportunity. This further strengthens Paradise Estate's reputation as the leading residential area, therefore there is no better time than now to invest in properties.






Elegant Paradies Estate in East Legon Hills is a manifestation of luxury, comfort, and unity. It is a place where the buildings express wealth, the facilities guarantee a lifestyle of comfort and pleasure, and the homes create a breather of cushy, elegant atmosphere.

The homes in the luxury development, thanks to their attention to detail and high-quality construction, provide a living experience that is unlike anything else. In East Legon Hills; the surroundings give the perfect combination for urban convenience and the serenity of nature.

To invest in Paradise Estate is not only a financial decision; it is in fact a decision to adopt an amazing lifestyle that is so sensual and electrifying. The estate is not merely houses; it is a place where people connect and remember their happiest moments.

Feel welcome to visit this special fusion of richness, charm, and familiarity at the Paradise Estate. Here, you will find less than a house; you will learn that life goes beyond a house and every day will be a celebration of those fine things.

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